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It is my belief that I have experienced Egypt much more deeply with professional guiding from Mohammed Gad from Hello Egypt Tours. He was obviously highly educated, responsible and experienced and had good connections. Every tour was very educational and fun and I always got something extra in every trip, where I learned more about Egypt, its culture and the Muslim way of living. He had great ideas about where and how to take the best pictures and was ready to help and assist in any way possible. I felt I was in safe hands and I’m very pleased with how I got to experience Egypt for the first time. I recommend Hello Egypt Tours to everyone who prefers quality guiding along with relaxed attitude and fun!

Thank you Mohammed!

Eyds Eyjlfsdttir

B.Sc., Iceland

Our trip with Hello Egypt Tours was one thoroughly enjoyed.

Our faithful Egyptian guide, who ensured our group's safety, delight and awareness during our entire two-week holiday, sought us out to gather at the top of Mt Sinai. Anyone with adventurous or religious inclinations, and a day trip away from Cairo to spare, should join the exhilarating journey. Our Mt Sinai pilgrimage was just one fascinating element of a trip through an ancient, intriguing and charming country, once the centre of the world and civilisation.

Our tour began in bustling Cairo. Many famous monuments in Egypt lie close to the capital city's modern civilisation, providing an unusual meshing of old and new worlds. Cairo is a good base to have any trip in Egypt since it is just across the Nile from the Step Pyramids of King Zoser. Crumbling in the desert, the Step Pyramid is a colossal way to begin a tour of ancient Egypt. Then there's Giza. Despite being polluted and hectic, the historic majesty of the Pyramids and the Sphinx make this place unforgettable. Photos don't do justice to the size of these headstones, and even without a nose the almost five thousand year old Sphinx still cuts a stunning profile. The sheer ingenuity and manpower needed to create these Pyramids makes them all the more breathtaking to behold, especially if you get the opportunity to do it by camel.

On the Mediterranean Sea lies Alexandria, a picturesque seaside city and an unexpected change from the dry desert that characterises most of Egypt. It's full of friendly people, the best catacombs (a huge tomb one hundred steps underground), lively marketplaces and so many fishing boats breaking the horizon between sky and blue sea.

We also got a look Aswan, which reflected its exotic reputation as the country's gateway to Africa. We were fortunate enough to enjoy the great weather on a felucca trip to Kitchener Island (it has a lovely botanical gardens), and to take a trip to a Nubian village. Visiting a real home in a Nubian village was a once in a lifetime experience, and it was wonderful to be genuinely welcomed by these generous people with traditional song, dance, a welcome drink and water-pipe. Both of these experiences go a long way into explaining why Aswan should not be missed.

Another great experience to enjoy is a Nile cruise. This gave us many opportunities to see temples along the Nile, each magnificent for individual reasons and collectively to have survived the test of time in such great shape.

Luxor is another clean, beautiful city with many famous temples, just across the bank from the Valley of the Kings. Two temples of great interest and in near-pristine condition are Karnak and Luxor. These two fascinating sites have virtually become the world's typical impression of ancient Egypt through a mosaic of monuments appointed by a variety of great leaders. If you've ever had any interest in ancient history and immersing yourself in a completely different culture (and don't mind sacrificing a few bathroom amenities), Egypt is the place to go.

I would like to take this opportunity to let people know that I have just returned from a 19 day tour in Egypt which included Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea, St Catherine Mt Sinai, Amman (Petra & Dead Sea), Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Alexandria and El Alamein and Nile Cruise (Aswan Luxor) with Hello Egypt Tours. When I was searching for tours in Egypt many of them only covered small areas where Hello Egypt Tours helped outside of Egypt, during the whole tour Mohamed Gad was ensuring that all went well if I did not like something he would insure it was amended for the whole tour eg no smoking rooms, preferably king size bed. All the accommodation was clean and well situated with great service. My husband and I decided to included Alamein and Alexandria in the tour at the last minute while over Egypt before we knew it, the driver, tour guide and accommodation was all booked with a great price, this included additional excursions such as Pyramid Light and Show and Dinner Cruise on the Nile at Cairo (great show). The whole tour came well under other quotes thank you GAD for making this holiday a memorable one, we were treated as VIPs. I would not hesitate going to Egypt again with Hello Egypt Tours I found all areas safe and comfortable with the support of the Tour Guides arranged through Hello Tours by the way all the restaurants that we went to were of great quality.

From: Mr. Peter and Mrs. Kareena Johnston

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